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Allergy is a very common problem and at our hospital we help people understand about this often overlooked problem and provide complete care starting from medication to allergy testing and Immunotherapy as well.

We follow the AAOA- American Academy of Otolaryngologic Allergy guidelines to do the same

  • Allergy tests to find allergies due to eating, touch, or breathe is done by skin or blood tests.
  • After an allergy test, it is important to have a medical history first to help diagnose allergies with doctor’s treatment.
  • The exact cause of allergy will be detected if there is a problem due to allergy.
  • Depending upon the symptoms to an allergy, the test will be suggested.
  • The doctor will ask about medical history and make sure about the right allergy tests.
  • If in patient medical history shows an allergy, the doctor will refer to allergist or immunologist (doctors who specialize in allergies) for testing.
  • Skin allergy testing is done commonly in most of the patients.
  • Allergy test is not for chronic hives.
  • However, the doctor may take tests to make sure that the hives are not by other problems, such as a thyroid disorder.

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