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Ear Problems and surgery

One of the commonest reasons a patient visits an ENT surgeon is when his/her ear presents with a discharge or due to a hearing loss. 

Depending on the cause and symptom presented, a thorough examination reveals if the patient will benefit from surgery or various treatments.  Deafness is correctable to a large extent, and, in many cases, the cause can be treated to restore hearing in the patient to a very large degree.

Lele Hospital offers a complete range of solutions addressing deafness, from surgery to hearing aids.

If an ear surgery be required, it may be noted that most of the surgeries can be done from inside the ear, without an external cut on the ear.

An ear consists of 3 parts :

  • An external ear canal which ends at the eardrum (i.e. the tympanic membrane
  • The middle ear, where the bones malleus, incus, and stapes transmit the sound to the inner ear
  • The inner ear where the neural structures are present. This is a very sensitive part of the ear.

Sometimes the last part of the bone is fixed due to a disease called otosclerosis, resulting in loss of conduction of sound. In this case, surgery may be indicated. The surgery involves removal of part of the bone, making a hole in the footplate and putting a piston.

The laser surgery , offered at our hospital makes this surgery extremely safe as it is a no-touch surgery