Laser Surgery

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A laser is a sophisticated robotic device that uses a concentrated beam of light as a cutting tool in surgeries and treatments. This is very different from radiation and has absolutely no side effects whatsoever.


Lele Hospital has the latest CO2 laser, the only laser in Nasik.  Being a robotic machine, it is highly accurate, causing minimum damage to surrounding areas. This in turn leads to a quicker recovery for the patients, and lesser pain too.

Where do we use the CO2 laser?

A laser is used very effectively for the following surgeries :


  1. Stapedotomy or Ear Surgery: Use of the CO2 laser improves the safety of the procedure manifold.
  2. Cancers of the voice box /larynx: Laser surgery for these is very quick, effective and can almost simplify the surgery to daycare management!
  3. Vocal Cord Problems causing changes in voice: Laser surgery improves the results significantly.
  4. Oral Cavity Lesions: Use of laser for removal of these lesions just causes less bleeding  and better results