Lele Hospital Nashik

Home Stroboscopy


If you look at a moving fan, it is impossible to see the blades of the fan. However, as soon as we put flash a strobe of light towards the fan, the blades are visible and can be appreciated.

Similarly, our vocal cords, responsible for voice production, have a loose layer on top, which moves like a wave, vibrating with a frequency that can be as high as 400 times a minute. When vocal cords are examined with a stroboscope, the finer details are easily visible in a simple endoscopic procedure. Understandably, no evaluation of voice complaint is ideally complete without a stroboscope. A quick procedure, this helps in the perfect diagnosis of the underlying problem. What’s more, this can also be used for a few months old baby safely!

Lele Hospital has the state of the art Olympus Stroboscope with narrow band imaging. A stroboscope with this latest technology has enabled us to perfectly diagnose and treat voice problems for our patients.