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Lele Hospital has the state of the art Olympus Stroboscope with narrow band imaging. A stroboscope with this latest technology has enabled us to perfectly diagnose and treat voice problems for our patients.


The Voice Clinic was started for the care of voice specialists like singers, artists, teachers, doctors, lawyers and public servants, using the most advanced technical advancements. This idea has now been spread to all people who have changed in voice as their main complaint.

Voice Surgery_Dr. Pushkar Lele

Our Diagnosis

  • Afford all patients with the essential quality voice and laryngeal care
  • Be innovative & update on the analysis & the surgeries possible to treat voice & laryngeal disorders
  • Share the information that we have learned about the voice and larynx, by teaching
  • Punctual for meetings and to hear your story with patience


Reach out to society by setting new examples particularly for those affected by Voice, Airway and Swallowing disorders.


To contribute outstanding clinical care with empathy, technology, modernization and education.