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Treatment of voice problems and Voice surgery

Two types of surgery commonly used to treat voice problems are :

  1. laryngeal microsurgery
  2. vocal fold medialization

1. Laryngeal microsurgery

A lesion in the voice box is operated under Laryngeal microsurgery, which is causing hoarseness.
The ENT specialist and speech therapist will assess your voice problem before surgery,
The surgery will not be done, the prior alternatives will be discussed with patient.
The admission of patient will be done, if surgery is required.
The final checks will be done by admitting doctor and nurse, and pre-operative tests such a chest x-ray may be performed, as blood tests and an ECG (heart recording).
An anesthetic doctor is available during the surgery for close examination.
The special instruments is used to operate, usually with the aid of a microscope.
The hospital is having with advanced CO2 acupulse laser to improve the results of Surgery.
The treatment is very much safe and you may take discharged on the surgery day.
The post-operative instruction will be given to bring voice to normal postion.

2. Vocal fold medialization

It is done to remove the voice-related problems when a vocal fold is paralyzed.
The detail cause of paralysis is investigated and will be informed to the patient before starting the treatment.
Vocal fold medialization is done in the operating theatre under local anesthesia.
Sedation is given so patients to relax during the surgery.
A window is made in the voice box to insert an implant to improve the voice through a skin incision.
You may be asked to use your voice during the procedure to test the position of the implant.
To allow drainage of excess blood through a small neck drain may be inserted.
The drain will be treated before you go home.
The doctor may recommend injection laryngoplasty, as an alternative to this surgery.
The injection of a filler material into the vocal fold in place of an implant, to build the voice stronger.
In most of the cases, the injection can be carried out in the OPD clinic.
The permanent material is inserted used under a short general anesthetic.
The procedure to treat vocal paralysis depends on conditions such as overall medical condition and the cause of paralysis.
The surgery will be suggested if it is necessary.
The surgeon will discuss the options and help to take the decision of treatment of vocal paralysis.

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